A Different 3D Printing Experience

Totem is the first machine totally made with CNC technology.

Cost-effective, user-friendly, and low maintenance,

ideal for a wide range of professional applications

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The Simplest Desktop 3D Printer


Henry Ford about the first car on market, the Model T says: “If it isn’t there, it can’t break” taking the example of these words we created the Totem, we wanted to build a 3D printer that is different from the others, based on two concepts:


Simplicity & Reliability

Why Totem is different


High technology material

All the Totem internal structure is made with aeronautical high-strength alloy, strong and resistant and with stainless steel for corrosion resistance.


CNC Milling

Totem is the only 3D Printer made entirely with pieces made by CNC machining, this guarantees a high precision and a high repeatability during printing.


Preload linear guide e ball screw

Totem use linear guide for Z axis, the main advantages of linear guides are that they have low friction, excellent response, high precision with preload, smooth movement, high load capacity, long travel life. Low friction in ball screws yields high mechanical efficiency compared to alternatives. Ball screws may also reduce or eliminate backlash common in lead screw and nut combinations. The balls are preloaded so that there is no “wiggle” between the ball screw and ball nut.


DLP projector

Totem use DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, allows for extremely high resolution, excellent surface finish, and intricate details, making it a popular technology among makers of products requiring high resolution, excellent surface finish and intricate details.



Each machine is assembled by hand and tested, this ensures high precision and reliability.


Open material system

Totem is compatible with third party materials including ClassIIA biocompatible and castable resins


Low power consumption

With a high-end source light led, Totem uses less power consumption than traditional lamp-based projectors or the new lcd 3d printer, only 5,5W, resulting in cost saving and boosting ECOcredentials


Customize your Totem

Totem is customizable according to your needs, you can choose the type of light source( 385, 405 nm), the size of the print area(128×80, 64x40mm), the external color and we also customize the software. You are free to create your Totem!

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